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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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we get it. >> we are also looking at weather tonight. roller coast erwinter we have been having. almost 60 degrees out there today. but tomorrow there might be a little bit of snow in some of the area. doug kammerer, what's going on? >> jim, you take a look at the numbers. temperatures today in the upper 50s to near 60. and with numbers like that, it is just going to be really hard to get any snow across our region. 55 degrees, number now, winds are on the calm side. the temperatures have gone up two degrees from last hour as our winds calmed down a bit. starting to see the clouds on the increase. 15 in gaithersburg. we saw a beautiful day out there on our tuesday. but right now, all of our attention shifted down to the south. storm team 4 radar nothing to show you here. as we move to the south you see what i'm talking about. a ton of moisture making its way up towards the north and east. actual storm system, though, is right back here. see this little guy starting to spin just south of wichita?
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creating snow there. that old system will move our way and bring up this moisture. the rain/snow line, want to be very close to the i-95 corridor. we are going to break that wind and this moves in. who can expect what. just how many of us will see accumulating snowfall. that coming up in the full forecast. three hours from now, president obama will go to the capitol to share with congress his vision for the next year. his state of the union address certain to cover gun law reform, immigration, and the status of troops in afghanistan among a number of other items. analysts say republicans will be watching the president as much for what he says as how he says it. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with more on this. >> that's for sure. based on the speech excerpts just released by the white house, i will read a couple of it is clear that the president and his people want the american people to remember that he mostly talked about jobs here tonight. here's a quote. every day we should ask ourselves three questions as amation.
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the president will say tonight. how do we attract more jobs? how do we equip our people with the skills needed to do those jobs? the obama answer is federal programs targeted at that that he would pay for by additional taxes by closing loopholes on the wealthy. saying to make sure this government works on behalf of the many and not just a few. those are some main topics. but his tone tonight remains a question mark. will president obama talk compromise in his speech or vow to win his way on the issues? >> everything i have to say tonight. >> reporter: the headline could be the obama announcement that he will bring home 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan. but he will warn that the military could be hurt by spending cuts march 1. the sequester. outside of the capitol, union members protested the automatic cuts that would also hit social
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services. preventing sequester cuts requires a deal on taxes and spending that the president has called for in previous state of the union speeches. there is no agreement. >> we have a spending debt crisis, not a revenue debt crisis. got to make the right diagnosis. >> reporter: obama prescription is to spend more to put americans back to work and pay for that by higher tax owes the wealthy. liberal agenda he laid out at his naug rl and angering republican. >>ing things that -- position him on the far left of the political spectrum is not a operate way to achieve accomplishments out of divided government. >> reporter: the president will push measures to stop gun violence like the shooting death of 15-year-old pendleton in january in chicago. >> her murder is heartbreak iin >> you guys signed up for the job. do something. >> reporter: do something on guns, on the budget, and on
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immigration. be sure to be the obama message tonight. for their prime time response, republicans are turning to a rising gop star, senator marco rubio of florida. i'm steve handelsman, news4. we are going to take you back to l.a. the l.a. area for the news conference. getting under way on the fugitive ex-cop who is accused of murder. >> they received from the person reporting this stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very to christopher dorner. they were able to locate it at highway 38. the suspect fled into the forest. shortly thereafter this individual barricaded himself into one of the cabins and exchange of gunfire occurred. during that exchange of gunfire, two officers were injured. they have been airlifted to a local hospital. their condition is unknown.
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los angeles police department has sent resources out to the san bernardino county airport. our resources are waiting there for authorization from san bernardino county sheriffs to assist. this is a san bernardino county sheriff's investigation. this is their lead. they have the incident command out there. we are there to support them only if asked. that is as much as i have on that particular incident out there. quick update on how the search is going from our side. right now we have 1,045 clues our officers are working on and following up on those clues. obviously some of them are panning out. obviously some of them are dead ends. we are continuing to do this search and continuing to work our clues while the events in the san bernardino mountains unfold. i will take a couple of quick questions. >> commander -- >> how sure are you? >> we are not positive. until we get this guy into custody and in handcuffs and jail we are not going to know for sure. they say he was similar in
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appearance. he was up in that area at one time. you know, likelihood is that it is him. we can't say for sure. >> what kind of resources -- >> holed himself up in a cabin, hostages for several days. can you confirm any of that? >> i-can't confirm the hostage part. i heard that from the media sources. we were listening to the scanner. getting much of our information from the sheriff's. i can't confirm anybody was held hostage at this time. that has not been confirmed yet. >> i-can't give you specifics about what resources we have up there. we believe that this individual may be watching tv or may have some access to media. i don't know want to tip our hat as to what we are sending out there. we asked the media that have air ships in the area to not have your units show lye broadcast g broadcastinbroadcastin broadcasting. it will put our officers at
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supreme tack tical disadvantage. i don't know what the involvement of the california fish and game was. san bernardino county sheriff's from their press office. i don't have an update from the california fish and game. i don't know what their involvement is at this time. >> he eluded officers for five days. talk about the sentiment, feeling, of the officers. >> everyone is very vocal. we hope we can take this guy into custody and hope he hasn't hurt anybody else. we hope none of these officers are seriously injured. we don't know at this point. best thing now is to surrender and allow us to take him into custody and pace the criminal justice system. tremendous sense of apprehension among our officers here. concern about the officers that are up there and until this guy is in handcuffs and until he is in custody, none of the people in our department are going to rest. >> what kind of resources do you send up there? >> i can't give the specifics or
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resources we sent. we did send resources. they are waiting at the airport in san bernardino now. we are waiting to be called in by the commandfer needed. right now we haven't been needed. people have been asking if the chief of has gone out there. chief beck has not responded and he is still here. i don't have any information about the vehicle the suspect -- allegedly took. i have seen some -- videotape from the -- from the media members on that vehicle. i don't have the information about what that vehicle was. >> if he is watching this what message do you have for him? >> if he is watching this, enough is enough. >> you are listening to authorities in los angeles talking about that fugitive ex-cop accused of murder. he's -- holed up in a cabin in the san bernardino mountains outside of l.a. right now. two of officers have been injured already in a gunfight with him. and -- authorities are not saying much more than that about their strategy as they believe their suspect may be watching the media. don't want to give anything away. we will keep you posted on any
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new developments in this story out of los angeles as we get them throughout the newscast. on to other news now. fires followed by gunshots and tonight two university of maryland students are dead from a murder-suicide. tonight police say that the suspected gunman suffered from a mental illness. pat collins is live outside the off-campus home where this unfolded early this morning. >> reporter: this is one of the fires he set to lure his room mates out of the house. he used charcoal, this one melt ad plastic patio table. this could have been far worse. sources now tell us that investigators have determined that the shooter, dayvon green, legally last month bought an uzi in silver spring that they found that loaded uzi next to his body here at the scene. suspicious fires, gunshots, bullets flying through the air.
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some into cars and some into homes. all of this part after bizarre murder-suicide involving three maryland students. chip cobb, he lives next door. >> bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: how many? >> i can't really tell you. i basically just -- hit the lights and -- ducked into a corner in my room. >> reporter: police identified the shooter as 23-year-old dayvon maurice green. an engineering grad student and former member of the nasa student ambassador program. his family says green had a mental illness. >> the family let our detectives know that this suspect had this condition for at least a year. and that in the past, he had been prescribed medication for this mental illness. >> reporter: this happened around 1:00 this morning at a rental house close by the college park campus. police say that green set fires
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in and around the house in an apparent effort to draw his roommates outside. when the two room mates came out, they say green opened fire. he killed one and wounded another and then turned the gun on himself. >> around 1:00 a.m. we heard about ten shots fired. and we couldn't figure out if it was gunshots or firecrackers. >> reporter: police say that the gun green used he purchased legally. apparently after he was diagnosed with mental illness. and in addition to the murder weapon police say green also had a bag containing a baseball bat. a machete. a loaded semiautomatic weapon, and? extra ammunition. so sad this scene the university president came to the neighborhood to console the students. >> this is a horrific situation. and -- i just feel terrible
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about it. >> reporter: 7:00 p.m., the university chapel, memorial service for the victims. live in college parks, i'm pat collins, news4. >> there is an increased police presence on campus at the university of maryland tonight. students are in shock. chris gordon joins us at 6:30 with reaction from some of the students. anne arundel county today, they arrested a grave robber and now police are trying to restore the items he stole to their rightful owners. the memorial markers were recovered after the robber was arrested earlier this week. police say they were all stolen from glen haven memorial park in glen burnie last summer. detectives are asking family members to give them a call if they recognize any of these items that you see on the screen now. they say that some of the markers came from the gravesites of world war ii veterans. next on "news4 at 6:00," outrage around the world tonight after north korea's nuclear test. white house reaction next. you might find this hard to
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believe but this mild winter weather has cost local road crews millions. we will tell why you. virginia governor's plan to take over failing schools has one alexandria elementary school on edge. we will hear from parents next. >> i'm tom sherwood in downtown washington's farrugut square. why was this healthy tree cut down?
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a test defies u.n. security council orders to shut down all mike activity throughout the world. danielle leigh on capitol hill with the report. >> reporter: north koreans cheer. in south korea, there is anger protesters lit pyres in the streets. and in the u.s., president obama quickly responded, calling the test a highly provocative act and promising to pursue firm action. >> they represent a serious threat to the united states of america. we have to be prepared to deal with that. >> reporter: the united nations security council held an emergency meeting condemning the nuclear task, even china, a north korean ally, opposed it.
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>> they say they are very angry about it. but so far the chinese have not been able to -- been willing to put their bite at the united nations where their bark is. >> reporter: the international body repeatedly ordered north korea to stop its nuclear program. it is considering new measures against the already heavily sanctioned state. >> north korea does not and will not benefit from violating international law. >> reporter: the state department admits it had warning the test would occur in response to u.s. sanctions and analysts say north korea's leader kim jong- jong-un. today's blast appears larger than the previous two in 2006 and 2009. and indicating the program is progressing. >> we are cross inging a new threshold in terms of the security threat posed by north korea. not just to regional neighbors but to the united states.
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>> reporter: renewed threat timed perfectly to coincide with tonight's state of the union address. north korea is threatening to additional steps. should they be punished with new sanctions. danielle leigh, news4. tonight the number of people killed from the civil war in syria is up to 70,000 people. more than 9,000 have been killed this year alone. the u.n. human rights chief announced the latest numbers though the security council today. she criticized member nations for not doing more to end the killings. russia and china vetoed three u.s. backed resolutions to sanction the syrian government. pope benedict xvi will mark ash wednesday, tomorrow, with a mass. it might be his last one as the pope. he plans to step down, of course, in about two weeks. the pope blamed frail health but there are still many questions about his decision. vatican officials disclosed today the pope had a pacemaker implanted ten years ago when he was still a cardinal. they also clarified that the pope will not be involved in the
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conclave that will let his success dash elect his successor. officials expect to announce the timing of the conclave and say by the end of the week. doug is here with more on our weather after this spectacular day we had today. it is almost impossible to imagine we can have snow tomorrow. >> even for a meteorologis it is almost impossible to imagine snow on a day after 60 degrees. that's pretty much what we have. we have the forecast that's just too warm for most of us to get any significant snow out of this storm. it was looking good yesterday but even then we knew that there would be a rain-snow line close to the d.c. metro area. now that rain-snow line a little farther to the north and west. we look outside now. a very, very nice night. you can see the monuments from the distance. it is going to be a gorgeous night here. out towards the capitol. we saw a high of 59 degrees. some of you hit 60 with yes, of course, the warmest day of the month. two days in a row. 50 degrees or better. right now we are sitting at 55. winds on the calm side.
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dew points at 23. little bit of a dry at months pier. anything that does fall is going to have to saturate the atmosphere before it reach it is ground. it will take time for the rain to move in. 46 in frederick. 46 in manassas. our friends in winchester coming in at 50 degrees. mice and mild throughout the evening. tonight is really going to be one of those nice nights to get out and about if you can. storm team 4 radar nothing to show you now in our region. as you move towards the south, there is a lot of moisture. mississippi, alabama, georgia, have been hit very hard by not only rain but severe weather p.m. we saw the tornadoes just two days ago and now they are looking at chance for severe weather and flooding. down through that area. here is our storm system. this is the storm that's going to move our way and help bring some of the moisture in. as it does that, though, it is going to bring in a little bit too warm of air as well. breezy conditions and the warm conditions, they have been here all day today. under mostly sunny skies. tomorrow the rain moves in. this is about 5:00. right around rush hour and notice that it is all rain.
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northern virginia, all of maryland, only place we are seeing snow is back towards the west. back to the west of the blue rage. and i think this is the best chance for accumulating snowfall. as the storm system moves on, it will move on very, very quickly. we will see sunshine back on thursday and temperatures back to close to 50 degrees again. this is going to be a very quick mover. what to expect still nuisance storm. most of this will be rain. look for light snowfall. almost no accumulation in parts of the region. lit slow down the afternoon rush. even if it is rain we will see a slow afternoon rush. prepare for that. make sure you take the umbrellas with you. how much snowfall are we expecting? charlestown, winchester, martinsburg, frederick, this is the area we could see one, maybe two, inches. i think that could be pushing it a little bit. if enough cold air comes in you can get the numbers. down to the south less than an inch and includes parts of the d.c. metro area over towards herndon and reston, bethesda, rockville, laurel, maybe down towards bowie. just flakes and then down towards burk. mt. vern son and woodbridge.
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i don't think that we will see much at all. just going to be rain event. i think for you folks. maybe a pew flakes on the back side. but once again, that's going to be about it. tomorrow morning, we are going to be on the cry side. mostly cloudy, school dry. 30 to 36 degrees. temperatures a little bit above average early tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, rain moving in. changing to snow, north and west of i-95. this will be around 6:00 tomorrow night. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. as we move through the next couple of days, 49 on thursday. 53 on friday. mother nature not quite done with winter just yet. bringing in very cold air on saturday and sunday. then into monday and tuesday we start to warm up. saturday will be chilly. 30% chance of flurries. late provide and into saturday we see that. not expecting a big storm there. don't expect that. lot of you have been asking me on my facebook and twitter page about a big storm this weekend. not going to happen. as a matter of fact, i -- i predict no big storms any time
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in the next seven years. that's pretty much what is going on now. >> this is not -- not necessarily an agreement with your long-term winter forecast. >> it is not. i can explain that later but i'm out of timof time. bob mcdon em's education reform plan or r making hair way through the general assembly. major element of the plan calls for the state to take over any school that's chronically failing. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey looks at one local elementary school that may be impacted. >> reporter: election yae's jefferson houston elementary students go to school from 8:00 to 4:00 most days of the week. there is a new principal in charge. half the teachers have been newly hired in the last two years. those are among the steps that the alexandria public school district has taken to turn around a school that's been denied state accreditation because of failing test scores. >> two years ago i went and said
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enough. we did a local superintendent's takeover of the school and seeing really good progress. and we have not seen when the state was taking all of the consulants in. >> reporter: governor mcdonnell said jefferson houston and five other struggling virginia schools have run out of time. legislation he has proposed would set up an outside agency called the opportunity education institution to take over schools that have been denied a accreditation or been accredited for lee years. >> zero tomorrow trance in virginia for failing schools. no parent wants their kid going to a dnf school. right now will is about six in virginia. for those we are saying unacceptable. the old excuses of give us more money, give us more time, not cutting it. >> reporter: alexandria school board members sent a letter to governor mcmcdonnell asking him to reconsider the legislation and they have gone down to richmond today to lobby in person. the governor's staff told alexandria officials today that the legislation will be signed in to law once it wins final
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passage. now alexandria leaders will work to have the measure amended to allow for some local input on the takeover group. >> there is no successful story of school turnaround without community support. >> reporter: superintendent sherman has another hope. >> making progress. we believe that we are going to make accreditation and stay out of this problem that the governor is creating through the new legislation. the university of maryland student with a mental illness killed by a fellow classmate today. tonight we will have campus reaction to that murder-suicide in college park. >> also ahead, a big mistake. tom sherwood gets to the bottom of why this massive tree was cut down. we will have the latest. >> coming up in sports, wizards in georgetown. keep on winning. gonzalez depends himself against steroid allegations as nationalnationals pitchers and catchers report to
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spring training. the latest in california. s.w.a.t. teams are looking for
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it was just one tree but my goodness, what a tree it was. more than 140 years old.
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today contractors cut it down by mistake. >> on any sunny day near the white house draws all sorts of visitors looking for a little office escapism. these workers found a space on a freshly cut tree stump. not knowing nearby office worker jason powell capture contractors cutting down the tree that had stood for more than 140 years. >> i just thought it was good place to sit. seriously, though, it is pretty sad. you know, it is a 1 1 40-year old sxree you can't replace that. >> u.s. park service oversees the square and is investigating and can fine the contractor who has apologized. >> some of the trees in this park do date back into the mid to late 1800s. we know that this tree was planted sometime before 1886. they were under contract and asked to remove a tree on the opposite side of the park. >> park service showed news4 the correct tree. it was properly marked but the workers got the wrong tree.
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"washington post" columnist john kelly first disclosed the tree mistake in his tuesday column. >> people are outraged. the e-mails and calls i have gotten from readers, they are just sadden. >> mark runs casey trees. nonprofit helping to replant thousands of trees in the city where the tree pea dropped in recent decades from 50% to just 36%. he agreed a qualified or borist should be on site before any mature tree is cut down. >> it is sickening. i know that park. i have sat under that tree just like many other people have. >> in the district, tom sherwood, news4. wendy reer in the news4 live december week an update porous the breaking news we have been following out of southern california. a stand-off in the search for that wanted former police officer out there. wendy? >> it look like that it is all likelihood christopher dorner. the officer holed newspaper a cabin surrounded by san dino county share i haves,
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detectives, they have already engaged in a bit of a fire fight with him. and now they are saying that once the area is locked down, and the area is safe, they are going to send in the san bernardino s.w.a.t. team to quote, unquote do what they do. this could be coming to an end after a week to ten days of this guy being on the lam. also, they are asking the media, this are former chopper shots from our sister station knbc. out in los angeles that was taken earlier. those shots you will no longer be seeing them live now because the police asked all of the media to pull away from that area because they believe that this guy, christopher dorner is either watching television or has access to media and they don't want him to know what they are about to do. they also, because he could be watching media, they also sent him a direct message through the television to surrender. let's listen. >> everyone is very hopeful that this thing ends without any
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further bloodshed. we hope we can take this guy into custody and hope he doesn't hurt anybody else. we hope none of the officers was seriously injured which we don't know at this point. best thing for him would be to surrender and alloy us to take him into custody. there is a tremendous sense of apprehension among our officers here. concern about the officers up there and until this guy is in handcuffs and until he is in custody, none of the people in our department are going to rest. if he is watching this, the message for himself is enough is enough. it is time to turn yourself in and time to stop the bloodshed and time to let this event and let this incident be over. >> that's his direct message. that is the -- commander, andrew smith, of the lapd. that's his dreg message to christopher dorner. we just heard that hundreds of rounds were exchanged in a half our gun battle in this, again, this cabin. and in big bear, a ski resort outside of l.a. 100 miles outside of l.a. looks like they could be moving
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in soon. we are on top of this and will keep you posted. this could be ending. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. new details about the shooter in a deadly off-campus shooting near the university of maryland this morning. one student was killed. another was wounded before 23-year-old dayvon green killed himself. tonight the police in prince george's county tell us that green was also armed with a fully loaded semiautomatic. that was not the gun used in the shooting this morning. police also say that green had a history of mental illness and that he bought both guns after he had been diagnosed with his condition. students at the university of maryland say that the shooting has left them on edge. chris gordon reports from college park with more on that part of the story. >> good evening. tonight many students say that they are scared and it would help them to understand why this
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shooting happened. there is an increased police presence. they are patrolling college park streets. students that live on or mere campus say today's shootings have shaken their sense of security. >> i think it is absolutely horrible. i can't believe anything like that would happen, really. it is really, really sad. >> i'm a little frightened and i hope that never happens again. >> the question students are asking both on and off campus is why did this shooting happen. >> i think it would help understand better and not feel so confused about all of this than how this could happen and definitely help students understand it a little more. >> reporter: some university of maryland students who live off campus board this shuttle bus. a short distance away from the house where the shootings took place. >> i knew a guy that lived at the house. apparently he moved out a week ago because he knew something was going on or something like that. i saw something on the news this morning and recognized the house. i immediately texted that guy and he said yeah, he told me
6:35 pm
what happened. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he said that one of his ex-roommates said -- shot two of his other room mates. >> reporter: any idea why? >> no. >> reporter: he was jolted awake by the sound of gunfire. >> literally, you know, across the street that way. not 100 yards from where i sleep. >> reporter: you heard -- >> i heard just a string of pops which either could have been firecrackers but i know the sound of gunfire. >> reporter: you thought it was? >> gunfire. >> reporter: the shootings shocked students than that rent rooms nearby. >> yeah. i don't know why this would have happened here. >> reporter: does it leave you worried? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i didn't hear any gunshots myself. my neighbors heard gunshots. then i got a text alert. text alert is owe vague i had no idea what kind of shooting it was. we all panicked and locked the doors. tried to hide. >> reporter: the university of maryland is holding a student vigil at its memorial chapel on
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campus and it begins in about 20 minutes. erica gonzalez there and we will have the full story tonight on news4 at 11:00. that's the latest from college park. chris gordon, news4. the governor ordered changes to the drink called 4 loco. >> we will find out if there is enough money in budge fets we get a major snowstorm later this winter. >> watching a major storm down to the south. that storm trying to make its way our way. just how much of a storm will we see in our area?
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we are more than halfway through winter and no major snowstorms. in maryland they already spent more than half of their budget. we are told how d.c. and virginia are doing on their winter weather expenses. >> winter time and the driving has been easy here in the d.c. area. >> actually love it. the amazing. not too cold, not too hot. nice cold breeze going through. >> it is amazing. it is wonderful. witness out for a run. it is just gorgeous. >> reporter: all we have been hit with so far small snowstorm after small snowstorm and it has not added up in a lot of places. even though there has not bench to measure on the ground local road crews have been plenty busy with just the threat of something serious. vdot deployed crews a dozen
6:40 pm
times. >> there is a big effort to stage crews now and to stage everywhere on the interstates and neighborhoods, secondary roads. so that we are more prepared during rush hours. >> reporter: even though vdot says it spent close to $20 million on the snow budget in northern virginia, there's still all of this salt left ready to go if the weather gets bad. this is just one salt dome in northern virginia. in the district the city budgeted about $6 million for winter weather and spent about $2 million of that. the area that has been hardest hit, maryland. state highway administration budgeted $41 million statewide to battle snow and already spent about $30 35 million of that. highway administration says that a combination of weather in the western part of the state and repeated deployments here at home have gobbled up the budget. but sha maintains it has enough resources to get through the rest of the winter. now if our local road crews do have any money leftover with their snow budgets after the season is over, they say that they will put the money back into maintenance.
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after all, pothole season is right around the corner. more changes in the works now for an alcoholic drink popular on college campuses. it is called four loco. carbonated beverage. they are changing the look of the can. soon it will show an alcohol fax p -- facts panel and will show the user the alcohol by volume and the number of servings in each can. also, the cans will be redesigned so that they can be sealed and the drink wouldn't have to be finished in one sitting. the makers of four loko is an outfit called fusion projects. they agreed to the changes to settle deceptive marketing accusations from the federal trade commission. sports coming up next. >> spring training. pitchers and catchers reported down to national -- >> it is a good sign. >> very good sign. >> gone zal les talk about the steroid allegations and says he is shocked. we are also going to be talking hoops. the wizards putting the win
6:42 pm
streak together like we haven't seen from them
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hi, everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer right here talking about what is going on in the weather. sports coming up next. having a bit of fun over there.
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55 degrees now at washington national airport. 45 in gaithersburg. 52 to ft. belvoir. let's take you towards mclean towards fair packs county. 51 degrees at 7:00. 48 by 8:00. 10:00, 45 degrees. clouds start to move in. we are staying on the dry side. i think that's what we are going to stay overnight tonight and right on through the morning commute. you can see storm team 4 radar nothing to show right now. by tomorrow morning, future weather, shows we are socked with the cloud cover. wednesday, 7:45. a.m. rush should not have any problems at all. as far as the weather is concerned. afternoon rush to be a lot different. notice if you are traveling down i-95 tomorrow towards quantico or fredericksburg you will continue to see rain showers there. they are going to start moving towards the north and as they do they should envelope the entire region by 6:00. the snow, though, still well out towards the west. notice right along the i-81 corridor, winchester, front royal, luray, harrisonburg, this is an area we could see significant accumulations especially towards the ski resorts of west virginia,
6:46 pm
western maryland, but for us, that's really going to be about it. look at 10:00. we start to see the changeover here. by 11:00, it is pretty much out of here. let's show you what i think we will see. all rain. to the west, maybe one to two. martinsburg, hagerstown, author monlt, frederick, charlestown, damascus, elevation there. then down towards the south, maybe less than an inch and -- this is really kind of pushing it around herndon and reston, towards bethesda and laurel and down to the south, i don't expect any significant snowfall. i think this will be mostly a rain event for you. next couple of days, 44 on wednesday. 49 on thursday. 53 on friday. saturday, coming in again with cold temperatures. highs only in the 30s. here's the deal. 58 or whatever it was today, doug is talking about a dusting or whatever. really cold temperatures on the weekend. don't you know it doesn't matter at all. dan is going to tell us what time of year it is. >> spring training. >> come on. >> i will be thinking about you up here in the cold.
6:47 pm
>> yeah, when do you leave? >> tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and cannot wait. we will send you good pictures. pitchers and catchers have reported spring training. first official workout for the nats not until thursday. nationals, as we know, should have the best starting rotation in baseball. gonzalez could be facing a 50-game suspension for his alleged involvement with the florida anti-aging clinic supplying performance enhancing drugs. "the washington post" is reporting that the nats are considering signing kyle lohse to 16-3 with the cardinals last year as an insurance policy. gonzalez and the rest of the pitchers and catchers, all smiles, and continues to steadfastly deny any involvement with the bio genesis clinic. he's confident that he will avoid a suspension from major league baseball. his father was legit patient at the clinic but he has month idea why his name was reportedly found in the clinic's records.
6:48 pm
gonzalez talked about the controversy for about ten minutes today. no tv cameras allowed. >> i feel very confident, you know. i think that at the end of the davey never taken performance enhancing drugs and i never will. stunned and shocked. name brought up out of nowhere. like -- you can't doing nothing about it. you just have to wait it out and listen to what is going on and you can't jump the gun. can't jump to conclusions. at the end of the day you have to listen in and wait patiently like how you are doing now. i'm going to do it my best to keep it away from the locker room and cooperate with you and make sure you get what you want and stuff like that. at the end of the day i don't want it to be a distraction to the team. i don't know want any of this to be about me. again, it is about the organization and about the team to the. this -- this should definitely not be a distraction for the guy. >> from what we understand this is the one and only time he will be talking about that at spring training and will be going to prepare for the world baseball classic in a couple of weeks. fingers crossed. i said it before. i don't believe it.
6:49 pm
he seems like a great guy. doesn't make any sense for him. doesn't make sense for a lot of pitchers. >> doesn't make sense for a lot of the guy. >> he's already -- >> let's hope not. >> we will find out. i think very soon. hope reply by the time the season starts. talking basketball now. lebron and the miami heat. hottest team in the nba. no big surprise. won five straight. kevin duran's oklahoma city thunder right behind them with a power-game-winning streak. only other team in the nba riding a four-game-winning streak now is your washington wizards. how about it? putting on quite a road show last night in milwaukee. and the defense, yet, again, held an opponent under 100 points for the ninth straight game. bradley beal put up on a monster game coming off the bench to score a career high 28 points. but what may be more impressive was how the wizards shared the ball. 29 assists in the game including nine from their big men. over the four-game-winning streak wizards averaged 24 1/2 assists per game. the coach knows that's the
6:50 pm
reason behind the team's success. >> for us to come out, get our first four game win streak of the year and, you know, win on the road. that's for. you know, again, 29 assists. i mean, that tells the story for us. when we are up in -- high 20s, we are pretty good. and that's with the ball, you know, just moving around. lot of different guys. it is big for us to have those type of things as well as the perimeter guy. >> georgetown now riding a six-game-winning streak after taking down marquette. and the story in this one as it has been all season. porter jr. the sophomore with the game-high of 29 points. porter averaging 18 1/2 points per game over the last nine contests in the hoyas record during that stretch. 8-1.
6:51 pm
15th ranked hoyas winners over market. coach thompson not shy about singing the praises of one mr. porter. >> he is one of the best players in the country. he has consistently shown that and someone that takes pride in and everyone in the room heard me say this, takes pride and excels at every aspect of the game. he is not just thinking about my touches and my shots. and all of it -- it is under the umbrella, undhow to put news th best position to win. burns played and coached under mike shanahan in denver where he has been the broncos assistant team coach since 2007. he is a tc williams graduate. let's hit the healllie pad. ioc decided to remove wrestling from the olympics in 2020. that's terrible. wrestling was the oldest olympic sports. get ready to see more of tiger.
6:52 pm
signed up to play three state turpts. trying to get ready for the masters in april. according to a former financial adviser, vince young, former nfl quarterback took out a loan for $300,0 $300,000. very for loan, this was. he needed to throw a birthday party for himself. even though he was already having financial issues. >> now it is confirmed. >> so sorry to hear that. that's a shame. >> thank you, dan. we have an update on that breaking news coming up. police officers shot in california. new details as
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
emotional gathering on campus at the university of maryland after a tragic incident ends with two students dead. what we ar learning about the gunman and his weapons and the ammunition he had with them. plus, we are staying on top of new developments out of california. the gunfire the tension, and the stand-off in the mountains. tonight at 11:00. we here at news4 honor
6:56 pm
community partners today during a celebration of black history month. the station through its partnership with mcdonald's surprised the greater washington urban league with a $5,000 check. marking the league's effort to make a positive difference in the community. that group will use that donation to offer even more services to people who are having difficulties, individual community leaders, also today will recognize for all the work that they have been doing. doug is here with one more check on the weather. >> one more check on the storm coming tomorrow. still going to be a storm. we are still going to get at least something from this. for most of us, it will be rain although some of us will see that followed by snow. 44 degrees tomorrow. wednesday, 49 on thursday. and friday, 53. but then really cold weather moving back in for the weekend. have you weekend plans just know this. it is going to be quite cold sunday. high of 34 after a low of 20. that puts many of you into the teens early on sunday morning. also, a slight chance for snow coming up this weekend. once again, not talking about a big storm. then it looks like we warm back up as we make our way into
6:57 pm
monday and tuesday and another good chance of rain next tuesday. we will be here watching tomorrow's storm right here at news4. we will keep you ahead of it. >> thank you, doug. we will continue to follow developments out of los angeles where a short time ago police asked fugitive ex-police officer christopher dorner to turn himself in and end the bloodshed. they believe dorner is holed up in a cab nine the big bear lake area in san bernardino mountains nearly a lay after a half-hour gun battle with police late this afternoon that wounded two officers. s.w.a.t. teams are expected to move in soon. police are keeping the information about what they are doing to surround the scene. they believe the suspect may be monitoring the media. dorner is charged with three murders and has been on the run since thursday and los angeles police have made a huge commitment of manhour searching -- not only searching for him and guarding some 50 people and families who he has threatened in a manifesto that he's -- that's been made public.
6:58 pm
"nightly news" will have an update in minutes and we will have the latest what's happening out there for you tonight on "news4 at 11:00." we invite you to tune in at 9:00 for the president's stat
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